Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teen Piggy

Once there was a two-night youth group sleepover at our house when I was in eight or ninth grade. Yes, this little piggy used to be a good little church girl. Can you imagine? Now,I might be headed straight to hell. Wanna carpool?

Mama Piggy was cool and kept us supplied with Coke, 7Up, Mountain Dew, potato chips, doritos, cookies, fig newtons and candy. We got to order pizza, burgers & fries, and more pizza. It was great to be allowed to eat all that for two days, but honestly, I missed Mama Piggy's cooking. of those afternoons, we were gathered in the living room doing some sort of group exercise. There were bowls of junk food everywhere. I was particularly attentive to my sour cream & onion potato chips while most of my team was focused on the exercise.

Fanny spoke very softly and was not demanding in anyway. (I wonder if she's still the same way.) She was sitting two people away from me. Speaking to no one in particular, Fanny asked for the bowl of doritos to be passed. No one responded so she asked again. And again her request was not heard, except by me. Instead of asking again, Fanny reeeached over and passed the bowl herself. Then she said, "Thank you."!

I wanted to laugh so hard! I know, it was kinda mean of me not to help her but I wanted to see what she would do. In a way, she's a lot like this little piggy. Fanny doesn't let little things get between her and her food.

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togapii said...

Haha, I remember you telling me this story. That's so Fanny. I'm going to forward this to her!