Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fresh Squeezed

Oh my sweet baby Jesus! I think I'm in love <3

It happened at happy hour at Mojitos with Cuggs, Eli Stone & Mrs. Stone. It was love at first sight. Ya, it'd be better if I was speaking of a tall, sweet cutie, but I speak of the pineapple mojitos. sigh It does come in a tall glass and is refreshing & sweet...

I've been to this location when it was Xiomara, but it was during lunch so I didn't try the mojitos. Clearly, I completely missed out on a good thing until now. They make mojitos like mojitos should be made, with fresh squeezed sugar cane juice. Their sugar cane is flown in from Florida. All the other ingredients are also fresh. I had several pineapple mojitos, as did Eli. Cuggs had the mango mojito and Mrs. Stone had martini mojitos. We were quite enamoured with our drinks and would have loved it if happy hour lasted longer. We didn't have time to try the bartender's special, the strawberry kiwi mojito. I'll be sure to order that first next time.

Their Cuban sandwiches are great too! Nice juicy pork & full of flavor. The ceviche...well, I wouldn't order again. The first couple of bites were OK but it started going downhill afterwards. That would be the only thing that's not quite so fresh. Too bad.

We walked two doors down to Vive. That was quite a disappointment. Their so called mojitos were no match for the real thing and the food...meh. Vive may want to take a few lessons from its neighbor, but I doubt they'll steal this piggy away from Mojitos' mojitos.

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