Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Good Flop

So while we were at the Wynn, Poker Princess talked me into sitting down at the poker table. (I have to give it to the Wynn. They have a strict No Smoking rule in their Poker Room.) It was my first time at a poker table. $4/$8 Texas Hold 'Em, with limits.

There have been few times in my life when I was more nervous than when I sat down at that poker table. Everything I learned about poker left my mind as soon as I sat down. Everyone seemed so serious! It was like we were playing in a million dollar tournament. Very different from the blackjack tables.

I broke up the somber mood with my first move. I was big blind, and since I forgot everything, I threw away my hand instead of sitting in to see the flop for free. The guys sitting on either side of me went "NOOOOOOO!" as soon as I threw away my hand. They and the dealer took pity & re-schooled me. heehee I'm sure everyone already knew, but just to have it spoken out loud, I told everyone to "go ahead & laugh, it's my first time so it shouldn't be hard to take my money."

Maybe 10 or 12 hands later, I got pocket twos. Then I flopped four of a kind! I was thrilled! The pot got bigger & bigger. When I revealed my hand everyone was shocked and I enjoyed my adrenaline rush. This little piggy couldn't hold on to her poker face. I smiled for the next 10 minutes.

Even better than that, Poker Princess and I learned that we can do just about anything at the poker table. We can talk on the phone, text, and order food! Hot chocolate, smoothies, tequila shots and even dinner. There was a guy chowing down on a juicy burger. I think I'd be in really big trouble if they were to offer that at blackjack.

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