Friday, May 30, 2008

The Gong Show

About three years ago Togapii and I were on Hawaii's big island. There was a lot of hiking those couple of days. We hiked across a huge volcanic crater and we hiked to the edge (as close to the edge as we thought was safe) of the lava flow, with the light of the full moon to guide us. Everything was just beautiful. I'm really bad at remembering the names of places, but perhaps Togapii can remind me...

So one of those days, after the hike across the volcanic crater, we stopped by a local restaurant. I wanted to order the big bowl of Hawaiian style udon noodle soup called "The Sumo". Togappii laughed at me & asked if I was really gonna order it and eat it all. I thought "Why not? It can't be that big."

While we were waiting for our food, occasionally we'd see a memeber of the wait staff strike the gong at the counter and yell "SUMO!" Then all eyes in the restaurant followed a waiter with a big bowl as he walked between the tables and chairs and served it to its rightful customer. After two or three gongs we realized that that's what they do right before they serve The Sumo! Damn it. I know I'm a pig, but they don't have to announce to the entire restaurant!

Togapii giggled at the thought of me being gonged. Luckily, the waiter who brought The Sumo over thought Togapii was the one who ordered it. So he suffered the stares of all the patrons. heehee

They were was a BIG bowl. Tried I did, but I couldn't finish that thing.

I brought home a little Hawaiian plant and named it "Sumo" =)

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togapii said...

Yeah, that was a portion fit for a Sumo, alright. And I remember my chagrin when they brought out my burger with the Sumo, and it was just slightly larger than a white castle.