Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The MVP - Kobe, as in Kobe Beef

Some friends and I made a trip to Geisha House recently. The experience was great, the food could have been better.

My favorite that night was the Kobe Beef Carpaccio. The menu listed wasabi as one of the ingredients. When you get the dish there's no wasabi to be found, until you take a bite. They've strategically placed delightful, tiny, caviar-like wasabi balls around the dish. They pop as you chew and provide a new texture and flavor that's not expected. It's quite nice.

The second favorite was the fried sesame chicken. The batter was almost right, just a tiny bit heavy. But it did carry out a good sesame flavor, which most Japanese places seem to not get the hang of.

The Over the Rainbow Roll and Red Samurai Roll were just OK. There was another dish but I can't even remember what it was so it must not have been good or bad enough to remember. Just mediocre.

I would fight that terrible Hollywood traffic just to have the beef carpaccio again. But if given a choice, I'd rather go to Sasabune.

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