Monday, December 1, 2008

Chubby Chased 6

Some time in October, Poker Princess and I were in Vegas again. It was fantastic. Our suite was comped, the limo pick up from the airport was comped, practically all our meals were comped, and I brought belated birthday cupcakes for Poker Princess. It's good to receive the VIP treatment. =)

Once again Poker Princess and I found ourselves at the poker table. Incidentally, the new Poker Lounge at Hard Rock ain't too shabby. Anyway, after I lost my $100 buy in, I sat with Poker Princess since she was winning and I figured I could learn.

Long before I lost my money I noticed Chubby Chaser across the table. Someone at the table commented that Chubby Chaser was a dead ringer for Brett Favre. No, I didn't know what Favre looked like until I did a search later in the room, but yeah, he was a dead ringer.

So...Chubby Chaser was actually a cutie and he had a good sense of humor. We started a conversation around food, what else? Poker Princess and I were trying to see if we could make it before the new steak restaurant closed for the night.

After a while Chubby Chaser went to cash out. He returned to the table, leaned over and whispered something in my ear. Naughty Blonde once called me a brazen hussy and that I am, but even this brazen hussy has some standards. Chubby Chaser was wearing a wedding ring. sigh

Good thing I could run to the open arms of the cupcakes in our room...

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