Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mama's Little Dumpling

One of my earliest childhood memories goes something like this...

It was almost noon. We were in a little house in Taiwan. Mama Piggy was watching some soap opera. I think I was three. Brother and I were playing when Mama Piggy asked Brother if he'd like some dumplings for lunch. He said yes since dumplings were his favorite, and Mama Piggy went off to the kitchen.

What about me? She didn't ask ME what I wanted for pouty...

Mama Piggy returned with a bowl of steaming hot dumplings and told us to sit at the table. She set the bowl in front of Brother and finally asks me if I wanted some. Still pouty, I nodded. Mama Piggy walked to the kitchen and came back with a plate of four dumplings. I ran from the table.

Maybe it was cuz we were exposed to those terrible soap operas, but now not only did I feel like Mama Piggy favored Brother, I thought she had also poisoned my dumplings! Why else would she fetch separate dumplings from the kitchen instead of just taking some of Brother's and giving them to me? What other reason would there be? Yes, I was that paranoid at the age of three...

But the truth is, she knew I was three, didn't eat much and was a picky eater.

After much coaxing, I returned to the table and wolfed down every last one of those supposedly poison-laced dumplings.

Happy New Year!

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