Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Year of DillyDallying

I think I get the award for DillyDallyer of the Year. What did I accomplish this year? Sadly, if I'm honest with myself, nothing of importance is the answer. sigh

Still renting
Still - STILL! - have student loans
Still spending my money foolishly...therefore the above
My To Read list has gone unread
Haven't learned to stop eating when I'm full
Secret invention to take over save the world hasn't come to fruition
Tens of hundreds of exciting restaurants remain unvisited
Lost 50% of my portfolio's value... heavy sigh
Haven't opened a shelter for abandoned children/pets
No new stamps in my passport
Still see the same stomach rolls and back fat I resolved to lose

The stomach rolls are ever so slightly smaller
The back fat a little less, um, fatty...
Tasted great food with like-minded foodies
Learned to be more careful of who I can trust and who I can't
Still have my job - thank the Sweet Baby Jesus!
Met more interesting and sexy people ;)
Many fun Vegas trips, and more already planned for '09
Adopted two kittens from the humane society
Gotten closer to Mama Piggy
Still generally healthy despite my binge & purge diet cycle

The year wasn't so bad, really. I shouldn't complain. It coulda been worse & I'm grateful it hasn't been. At least I have the wherewithall to reflect (if only just for a few minutes) and I can resolve to make the impossible happen. No, I don't mean taking over the world. I mean I can fill 2009 with more great food all the while becoming a thinner piggy. Hey, shut up...I can dream.

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