Monday, December 22, 2008

Piggy Confessions 2

The yummy treats from Costco have caused me to tumble off the wagon again. This time it's the French chocolate truffles. Costco only brings these out around October so yeah, I got a Costco sized pack of these chocolate truffles in October. A Costco sized pack means two 2 pound 3.3 ounce boxes. Each box has two foil bags of yummy chocolate truffles.

The Nutritional Facts state that each serving size is about 5 pieces, and each container (each foil bag) contains about 24 servings. So let me do the math for you...I purchased 480 pieces of fat & sugar. But have you tasted this melt in your mouth chocolate delight?

I promised myself that I'd be good, but I had 2 servings in one day. I think my blood chocolate level was almost lethal that day.

Me, Myself and I decided an intervention was necessary. The next day when I went to see Mama Piggy, I gave her the rest of the truffles. Mama Piggy doesn't like chocolate so I wasn't putting her at risk. She loves to give those chocolate truffles to her bowling team. So it all worked out.

I'm sober now.

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