Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Next Five Pounds of Weight Gain

What the what?!?! A Korean taco truck?

The concept is at first equally novel, titillating and improbable. Then after your first bite of the short rib taco, you instantly realize the idea is brilliant and wonder how many pounds you'll gain stuffing your face with this new found favorite food.

About 30 of us had the privilege of a private tasting, $10 for one of everything on the menu! Oh my sweet baby Jesus thems is good tacos! I had one of every flavor: short rib, spicy pork, chicken & tofu. Then on my second round I had the short rib burrito and the kimchi quesadilla.

If you plan on being a pig like me, I suggest starting with the tofu taco. Although the sauce makes the tofu tasty, it will be bland after you've had the meat tacos. So after the tofu, go for the chicken, then the spicy pork, then the short rib. They're all good, but I could have eaten five or 10 more of the short rib tacos.

The short rib burrito was good, the meat was still the same juicy quality, but for me there was too much in the burrito competing for a spot on my taste buds. I prefer the simplicity of the taco where the short rib flavor is the star.

The kimchi quesadilla sounded as strange as Korean taco truck, but was very good. Just mildly spicy and it blended with the cheese beautifully.

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