Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Not Good Italian

A few weeks ago some friends and I had dinner at Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills. The facade is undergoing some kind of construction so it looks a bit ghetto, but once you're inside it's a lovely little restaurant. The servers, hosts & hostess all have the charming Italian accent, although some of their accents are more genuine than others...Anyway, whenever I've been there they've been very friendly. Sometimes a bit slow, but very friendly and accommodating.

The food quality is not consistent. This most recent visit was more satisfying, but the visit prior to that left a bad taste in my mouth. This time we had the beef carpaccio, seafood risotto and steak. All were quite yummy. We must have gotten the good chef that night since he knew that medium rare means medium rare. Surprisingly, the margherita pizza was a disappointment. How can an Italian restaurant mess up pizza?? Perhaps they need to change the chef at the pizza station, no?

During dinner, we spotted Fabio...I know it's Beverly Hills but it was just such an odd celebrity sighting (and I use celebrity loosely. Sorry, Fabio.). In the dim, warm lighting of Cafe Roma, Fabio looked quite handsome. He's a lot taller than I thought. He was riding solo, surprisingly. The host, hostess and several waiters greeted him as family and chatted with him. Had I been brave enough I woulda invited myself over to his table and asked him to ask Cafe Roma to get better chefs. Maybe next time...

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