Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monkeying Around

Recently I adopted a kitten from the local shelter. They told me she was three months, but in fact, my vet said she's more like six weeks. She didn't eat much for the first couple of days and I started to wonder if this was going to work out. So not only was she tiny, she was quite skinny. Several people have commented that she looked like a lemur so...we'll call her Monkey Girl.

The shelter gave me a small bag of the food that they said she had been eating. She didn't really care for it. So after two days of barely eating anything, I decided to make her some fresh chicken soup with carrots and peas. Monkey Girl loved it. She also loved milk, lactose free milk. Then I got her some Iams kitten canned and dry food and she began gaining weight.

Now one of her favorite foods is bacon...which she waits for in the morning. Also, now I'm forced to keep her on a feeding schedule instead of leaving her food out all day long...cuz just like her piggy mama, Monkey Girl is an overeater.

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