Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There was a time when I was really diggin' the "dark meat." heehee The fever has passed, but I still dig it. At the peak of my fever I met Raymond. He was beautiful. 6 foot 3, all muscle, with the smoothest skin - except for where he was burned as a child.

Ray was a few years my senior and he took such good care of me. He bought me lots of food! The first time he saw me really eat he was surprised that I could stuff so much into my 5 foot 3 frame. He was surprised, but he let me eat. Ray never made me feel bad about eating.

We were at BB King's once. The waitress wasn't so friendly. I guess she disapproved of a black man dating outside his own race. Ray had a few words with the manager and we got a much nicer waitress. An appetizer, salad, one and a half entrees (my entree and half of his) later, Ray just shook his head and laughed and asked what I wanted for dessert.

Of course I didn't love Ray just because of the food we shared. He was sweet, gentle and patient. And I know it's not easy to be patient with me. Sometimes I wonder why I let him go.

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