Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chubby Chased 2

A few years ago Achoo!'s employees were situated in a much prettier city of California. A few steps outside our office doors were retail stores and restaurants galore. I miss that.

Anyway, one morning I step out to go to the diner around the corner and down the street. What did I order? Come on, you know it's gotta be eggs benedict! As I'm crossing the street a jogger sidles up next to me.

Chubby Chaser: Ahnyeonghaesaeyo!

Fat Girl: I'm not Korean.

Chubby Chaser: Konichiwa!

Fat Girl: I'm not Japanese.

Chubby Chaser: Ni hao! (Mandarin Chinese)

Fat Girl: I'm fine, thank you.

Chubby Chaser: (Pulling out a business card, seemingly from out of nowhere) Here's my number, call me.

Fat Girl: (Reluctantly taking business card) Oh...o...k...

Chubby Chaser: You're not gonna call me, are you?

Fat Girl: Nope.

Chubby Chaser: Can I have my card back?

That Chubby Chaser was many things. The three things that stood out most:

1. Jackass

2. Cheap

3. Keeping me from my breakfast!


Olga Balboa: Intellectual, Essayist said...
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Olga Balboa: Intellectual, Essayist said...

Fat Girl Inside,
When are you going to learn that you get creepy cheap to first buy you eggs benedict, then give his card back?

The Fat Girl Inside said...

you know i have many lessons not learned, olga! i'll try to remember next time.