Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Carbs Derailed

O, Bitterness!

My all carb weekend was sabotaged! It was Saturday afternoon. I ordered a ham and cheese with fresh ground mustard on a doughy bun. Then I ordered a cheese and chocolate brownie to nibble on as I shopped. I made a mental note of the huge chocolate chip cookie in case I wanted to come back for it.

It had been maybe 30 minutes since I finished that sandwich when I felt slightly dizzy. There was the tiniest hint of my stomach wanting to throw up, but I hadn't finished my brownie...so I kept eating. Perhaps that was a bad decision.

But I'm glad I stuck it out and stood in line while fighting back the awful throw up feeling cuz I got an insane deal on some cute Michael Kors metallic sandals. The original retail price was $198 and I got them for $32! That's right, mo-fos. Be jealous.

As soon as I got home I went straight for the bathroom. And I think we all know what happened there. Then I passed out on the couch.

I felt better on Sunday morning, but was actually a little afraid to eat. So all I ate that day was eggs, crackers, and lots of gingerale and water. Damn the chef who served me that bad ham and cheese! Damn him!


Olga Balboa: Intellectual, Essayist said...

Oh, poor Fat Girl Inside. I think the lesson is this: eat the cookies and brownies FIRST, then go for the meat.

The Fat Girl Inside said...

you're right. you're so right.