Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Hit Wonder

Shortly after opening, the cafeteria within the Achoo! building decided to class it up. They wanted to be called "commissary" not "cateteria" and they invited a "star chef" to improve their menus. I don't know what kind of "star chef" he was, but bless their little hearts for trying.

There was one item I did like. A LOT. They premiered their rueben pastrami melt on focaccia. OMG! I'm not a huge fan of cured meats but the flavor combination of sourkraut, pastrami, cheese, foccacia & their secret sauce was close to a foodgasm.

After I devoured it and all the fries that came with it, I went down and ordered another. It had only been, oh, I'd say 15 to 20 minutes since I first appeared in the cafeteria commissary that day so the line cook remembered me. He shook his head and laughed when he saw me again. I didn't care. I endured it. I quickly took my food back up to the office and enjoyed my second lunch.

Sadly, they have not created the same level of food since. The next time the rueben pastrami melt came up on the menu rotation, they had replaced the focaccia with sour dough or some other tasteless white bread. They got lazy and sloppy and that was the end of my love for their rueben pastrami melt.

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