Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Heart Eggs

No, your eyes doth not deceive thee. That is a little heart shaped pan. A little story behind this pan. And oh, I absolutely see the irony this little non-stick pan serves up.

1. It was gift from a friend, make that a former friend.
2. Former friend insisted I cook more for my BF, now an ex.
3. I never cooked that much when I was with that ex, much less make him heart shaped eggs.
4. Former friend and the ex became an item.
5. I'm no longer fond of the former friend or the ex.

Just kidding on point number 4. It woulda been funny if it was true.

Regardless of how & why I have this little item, I found it while searching for a loaf pan. I figured since I found it & I can eat eggs all day, every day, I whipped up this little yummy bite.

Sunny side up, on top of fresh arugula, drizzled with sweet chili sauce. YUM!

When I can eat carbs this weekend, I'm gonna put that amazing creation on top of sharp cheddar cheesed bread. I may just have a dozen eggs on Saturday morning.

PS - In case you're wondering what to wash it down with....Riesling!

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