Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crunch. Chew. Sip. Repeat.

How can it be that it's taken me so long to discover that guac & chips with riesling is a fantastic combination?!?

In case you haven't discovered the combo, you should really try it. The sweet crisp riesling cuts through the creamy guac and adds a new dimension to it.

I made a huge bowl of it with 4 avocados, 3 roma tomatoes, cilantro, fresh garlic, lime juice & salt. Yes, I ate half of it and downed 2 glasses of riesling. It was a great dinner.

And I slept well that night.


kat said...

YEAH! I'm not the only one who loves this combo (and Riesling is the SHIZNIT!)

For a whole week, all i had was nachos and salsa and Riesling and never felt better. Woot!

The Fat Girl Inside said...

i'm so glad you agree, kat! and i will add salsa to the mix. =)