Monday, June 23, 2008

Nothing to Sing About

Brother and I went to lunch this weekend. We had both not been to Saladang in a while so we decided to go. Shoulda went to President Thai instead.

Saladang had never been a great restaurant. Mediocre food and definitely overpriced. But the ambiance was nice so we went every once in a while. I think this weekend is my last visit there.

The service was lousy and the food was still mediocre. The waitresses were rude. Looked at me as if I was crazy when I asked for chopsticks and more water.

At the end of the meal, after waiting 15 minutes, I asked where our leftovers were. There was confusion & finally, 5 minutes later, they brought a bag over. I decided to check & sure enough, it wasn't our food. We brought it to the front and complained. There was more confusion and they had no idea what the hell they were doing. After 10 more minutes of waiting around we decided to leave and never go back.

Saladang didn't even offer to make it up to us. They said "Sorry", but it was said in the way a child would when a parent made him apologize.

You can keep your "sorry" and your lousy food and service, Saladang. You'll lose lots of customers soon enough.

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