Monday, March 17, 2008

A Tough Cookie

Today was All Donut Challenge Day. Lemme explain...

I work for a company whose name rhymes with the onomatopoeic sound of a sneeze (Achoo!). While I appreciate Achoo!'s effort to supply its employees with untold amounts of free sugar and all forms of bleached all purpose flour, it really tears me apart when Fat Girl can't partake.

What greeted me as I walked into the breakroom this morning? Boxes and BOXES of donuts! A lesser cookie would've crumbled but Fat Girl turned her double chin away and huffed out without swiping the few crumbs at the edge of one of the boxes.

Later in the afternoon, I hear that Achoo! has hired some vendor to fry fresh donuts in the downstairs lounge! Ooooh, I can just hear those donuts screaming my name as they're dropped into the hot oil. I can also hear them mocking me, "Thaaat's right, stay away. A girl your size really shouldn't be eating donuts anyway."

I think I deserve an extra cinnamon roll this weekend.


xcitnfreak said...

You're cute! what the hell are you talking about sista???? Eat your don't want to be retarded like Barbie do you??!!! Rochelle :)

the fat girl inside said...

Thanks for reading, sista! This little piggy will eat only carbs this weekend! =D