Friday, March 21, 2008

Food TV - Semi-Real to Real Sexy

Is it just me or has Sandra Lee (of Food Network fame) morphed into a semi-alive store mannequin? She was really pretty just a couple of years ago. I think this one needs to be filed under Awful Plastic Surgery. Don't get me wrong, she's a great lady and I do admire all her charitable work. I just wonder what happened.

Side note: Why is it that Rachel Ray feels like she needs to yell? She needs to bring it down a couple of clicks.

Anyway, my favorite Food Network Host would have to be Alton Brown. He's smart, funny, cute, goofy and of course, a great cook! (You know I love YOU, Kermit.)

As wonderful as Alton is, I'm afraid there's another Chef who just might possibly steal this piggy heart from Kermit. Who possesses such great power?

Gordon Ramsay - yummy Scottish/British sugar coated candyman.

Hey Gordon, you know what the other white meat is? Piggy hoochie mama! I've got some pork chops you can smother! Mmm!

OK, let me stop before this little piggy has to take a cold shower. I'll be watching the 4th season premiere of Hell's Kitchen on April 1st!

Oink! Oink!

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