Friday, January 16, 2009

All Bets Are Off

Neil Patrick Harris! This first week back at work was long!

I got through it with several trips to In & Out. Yes, I ordered protein style, but my no carb diet kinda derailed. Ask me what I had for dinner two nights in a row...

Tops Fried Zucchini with their homemade ranch. YUM!

Yes, it's fried but it's, what?, like 95% vegetable, right?Just a small amount of carbs. Plus, I didn't eat anything else so at least the calorie count is somewhat decent.

Yeah, I know. I didn't plan out my meals ahead of time and that's why I failed. I guess I haven't learned that I will always take a tumble off the wagon when the meals aren't planned ahead. I'm just betting against myself when there's no plan.

Hey, speaking of betting, it's time to play with some poker buddies. Let's see if I can earn some extra food money for Vegas!

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