Sunday, August 3, 2008

Piggy Confessions

So, uh, Costso sells a dozen fresh baked butter croissants for $5.49. Great deal, right? I was able to resist for six months. Then last weekend I caved.

The butter croissant monster will not be denied. She thought about sharing them for a fraction of a millisecond but decided she must have all 12.

I ate four within 20 minutes of getting home. Lightly toasted in the toaster oven or microwaved for 10 seconds. Washed them down with lactose free milk. All was good with this piggy's stomach.

All 12 were devoured by the next day.

Yes, I realize that's an enormous amount of calories. Which is why I didn't eat much else those two days...except when we went to the Colombian restaurant. That's a story for tomorrow. Right now I've gotta work off the extra back fat from them butter croissants.

PS - Thanks to Naughty Blonde for the Piggy Confessions idea.

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Jess said...

Croissants are so light and airy, you can't help but eat a boat-load in one sitting. Hey, I saw King's Hawaiian sweet rolls while in AZ, thought of you, and bought 'em. Now we're hooked (and on sweet roll overload).