Monday, August 4, 2008

Must Un-do Pants

LA Fonda Antioquena is not a place I can go to everyday, even if I wish I could. As a belated birthday treat, the Tequila Sisters and Salsa Queen took me there. It's one of those places you'd never know about unless somebody told you.

Salsa Queen made some recommendations on entrees and ordered appetizers. They know Salsa Queen so perhaps our servings were slightly larger than usual. heehee

Blood sausage - I tried a tiny piece. Not bad, but also not great. Unexpectedly, it doesn't taste like blood, as the Chinese pig's blood soup does.
Chicharron - This isn't the thin crispy pieces of fried pig skin, although I love that too. This chicharron had all the fat & some meat attached, and the skin is still crispy. One order comes on two plates!

Empanadas - Good. Tasty. They also came with pasteles de yucca.

All of the above came with arepas. They're like little thick pancakes made of cornmeal. I didn't care for the arepas cuz they were tasteless. Salsa Queen said the arepas from her region of Colombia are made with cheese. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

Salsa Queen ordered Postobon's Manzana, apple flavored soda. Taiwan has probably an identical tasting soda & drinking it really brought back Taiwan memories.

I ordered churrasco, grilled NY steak with plantains, rice, avacado. It was great. If you like your steak medium, order it medium rare.

DrinkYourDrink ordered the whole fried tilapia. It was fresh and great. We helped her eat most of it.
JustOneShot was the brave one and ordered lengua. I tried a tiny little piece. Yes, it was tender and kinda melted in my mouth, but that little piece was all the cow tongue I want to eat. The flavor of the stew it came with was terrific.

Salsa Queen and her niece decided to eat like birds and ordered a menudo type soup. sigh

We ordered more plantains cuz they're too good to only have two pieces. It was a lot of food and there was a lot of pigging out. Another great way to spend a Sunday!

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