Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Loaf or Two

Today I took one of the most satisfying dumps in recent memory. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about poop.

It's one of those dumps that disgust & amaze me simultaneously. Disgust because all of that came out of my body?!? Amazement because all of that came out of my body!?!

It’s one of those dumps that makes me feel like I just lost two pounds and I don’t have to suck in the stomach as much.

It’s one of those dumps that reminds me of Purr Muffin zipping around, almost skipping, quite happily after he’s buried his poop in the litter box. If Purr Muffin could talk, I think he’d describe a memorable dump as…euphoric. I would have to agree.

And why wouldn’t it be euphoric? It has opened up all that space in my intestines so I can fill it up again with all the foods I love and riesling…I see another memorable dump in the making!


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