Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lessons Not Learned 2

Yesterday was the second time I evacuated my intestines of my lunch withinin five days. Needless to say,  my stomach is sensitive. The first time was bad thai, the second was bad NY steak. The steak was my fault. It was more rare than medium.  I thought I could handle it but the blood and the texture of the meat got the best of me.

I know it's crazy but I am grateful for my sensitive stomach. I'd rather flush $20 down the toilet and get it over with with a few hurls than let contaminated food go through my system and make me sick for days.

Anyway, my whole point of telling you all this is that each time I toss my cookies and look at the contents floating and sinking in the porcelain bowl, I'm amazed at how terrible I am at chewing my food. Each time I promise myself I'll be a better chewer, but each time it seems I forget that promise as soon as I wipe my little teardrops off the toilet seat...

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